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Digital Marketing October 11, 2019


For the better running of your online store, it’s important to maintain the e-commerce content management system. Luckily, there are two options available for free which reduce the expanses of online store management. This implies that the use of e-commerce CMS can help the stores to manage their customers and sales.

Here are two platforms; one is Magento and another one is WordPress. Now the important question is which is more useful for the entire mission. Let’s Start with WordPress; though it is used as a regular content management system, due to its plugins, it can easily be extendable. Both platforms are capable, depending upon the needs of your online store.


Both are dominating open-source platforms, also they are different from each other. The major difference is Magento allows the built online store, while in the case of WordPress it doesn’t support e-commerce. However, plugins can make it possible to build e-commerce like Woo Commerce. Blog posts, regular site pages, formations, shopping carts, order history and customer accounts all are easily possible with the Magento and WordPress. The fact is similarly WordPress needs plugin for e-commerce; Magento requires a plugin for blogging.


If we compare based on a developmental basis then, Magento has more advanced features than WordPress. Because Magento is built based on enterprise-level e-commerce platforms, and WordPress is built to be user-friendly.

For example, if the developers of WordPress try to create a theme over the Magento, it is quite difficult because in Magento tempering is not available, on the other hand, WordPress is more flexible even for the beginners. Mean you can easily start with the WordPress


So many people are unsure about the security issues with WordPress development and with the Magento. Which is safer? WordPress is more popular that why it has more votes, but in general both are secure. Both platforms ensure the improved level of security. Questions comes when you use add one themes, and plugins, here depends upon your ability, how well you manage you issues of security. Security is another important factor to choose between these two. So you have complete freedom and flexibility to choose apart from the security flaws.

SEO is the core concept to stabilize sales in e-commerce. Both incorporate with the Search engine optimization (SEO Services India), but with the help of plugins. In WordPress choosing, the best clean coded themes are important to install a plugin such as Yoast SEO. On the contrary, Magento is also meant to choose the well-scripted theme. Although it is not meant with the idea of content marketing in mind, and it requires more effort for SEO. Although the best feature of Magento is it’s add title and alt text feature for every image. This increases the opportunities to increase traffic through the image search

Thus both are good platforms; it depends upon the needs of your online store.

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