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Digital Marketing June 18, 2023


The ultimate goal of a website is to drive traffic to its business. For this, they use a lot of tricks and strategies. One of them is Pop-Ups on websites. Pop-up seems to be around us forever and at the same time, they are quite irritating. If you have something important to do with a particular website, then there is no other option, the least you can do is wait for the pop-up to disappear. There are times when some pop-ups frustrate the users giving them a bad user experience and a bad user experience can be disastrous for your business. In order to generate leads, pop-ups are important hence striking a balance as to when and how pop-ups need to be shown so that it generates leads and does not frustrate the users is very important.


Show pop-ups at the right time-  Everything has a time. Imagine they enter a website in search of something and the very first thing they came across is pop-ups. At least give them a space to get through your website before trying to make a deal with them. This degrades the user experience from the very moment they enter a website. Exit pop-ups are much better and should be made. It helps the users to stay connected with your website once they are about to leave the website.

Show relevant content- Irrelevant content is obviously very annoying. Infect, relevant content can be very helpful for your business. Something that provides a solution to the problems of the users, or some offer that is not much complicated and simple for the users to understand, would not be considered as annoying. Instead of using an offer for some product or service, use it to redirect to the areas that are relevant to the user.

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Provide compelling Call to Action-The reason why pop-ups are trendy is that they bring leads to the business. This requires correct timing and a compelling Call to Action (CTA). Inserting the right Call to Action button is as important as the correct content. A user would only be interested if CTA buttons are appropriate and satisfy the expectations of the users.

Perform A/B testing- Just like A/B testing used in PPC services, if used in Pop-ups will help to determine which pop-ups are useful and which are not. It will help you to understand the design and content that goes well for you and those which do not. You can not only improve the experience of the users but also increase the conversion rate by as much as 40%. A/B testing is the most realistic way to check which pop-ups are user-friendly and which are not.

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Use fewer form fields-We all know that pop-ups on websites are basically used to collect users’ information like name-age-contact details. But one must need to keep in mind that pop-ups must be kept simple and precise and not ask for more details from the users. This might annoy the users because no one wants to spend a lot of amount in filling up the form or for that matter, nobody wants to disclose their information. Now, if you want to ask for additional information, then use drop-down menu options so that it’s not time-consuming and convenient for the users.

These are some tips that can be used to make your pop-ups user-friendly.

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