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Digital Marketing July 24, 2019


What’s the maximum thing you think you can do to recruit professionals in your organization? Posting jobs and accepting resume. Right? No, you can do a lot more than that. You can use your website as a powerful recruiting tool. Since employees are the backbone of an organization, they can either take you to new heights or can prove to be disastrous for your company. Therefore, it is very important to recruit employees that suits your organization.

For this, there are numerous ways to recruit professionals- online job portals, advertisements, television and other sorts of media. But have you ever thought that your website can be one of the most effective and at the same time least expensive method? With correct strategies and tools, you can make your website the most powerful recruiting platform for your business.


  • Mobile friendly i.e. a responsive website design– There are bunches of devices that we use, be it your PCs, laptops, tablets and cell phones. Every one of these gadgets has diverse screen sizes, stage and direction. We use PCs/laptops in workplaces, mobiles while travelling, so a site should be perfect on every one of these stages. This similarity of the site on a wide range of screen sizes and orientation is called Responsive website design.
  • Career page- A career page is pre-requisite for a website to be turned into a recruiting tool. A career page provides the details of the jobs being provided, vacancy in the organization and other hiring-related details. There are times when career pages are quite difficult to find so this should not happen. You can also try to rank career page using SEO. A career page should be highlighted to improve the quality of professionals in your organization.
  • Keep updating- Updating about new jobs, vacancies, hiring process or any other change related to recruitment is very important for an organization to recruit professionals that are best suited for your website. Just like an E-commerce website updates about their new products, similarly one must keep updating about new profiles and changes.
  • Let your employees tell their stories- Employee testimonials are very important. Reason being that it creates a sense of trust among the professionals applying for a job in a particular company. Testimonials or experience sharing by employees have a positive impact on new entrants in the organization.
  • Allow attaching cover letters- It’s surprising how some companies don’t allow attaching cover letters. They provide for application and resumes but not for a cover letter, but cover letters are so important for the hiring process. It tells a lot about the personality and attitude of a candidate, how serious a candidate is for the interview and how much he knows about the company and industry.
  • Social Media Marketing- The reach of social media is unimaginable. One share and it reaches millions of people especially on a professional website like LinkedIn. To attract more and number of applicants, this is a great option. With fresher’s to experienced recruiters, everyone is on social media. 24/7 access and quicker notification are what makes it most recommendable.

MEGA WEB DESIGN is a leading India web design Agency With our strategies and techniques, we help an organization’s website to convert it into a powerful recruiting tool.

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