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Digital Marketing July 31, 2019


It’s been quite a while since WordPress was discharged and from that point, there has been constant changes being made in WordPress. These amendments are fundamentally made for improving stages and refreshing them to current needs. From web designers to personalised images, WordPress is concocting some new powerful features.

How about we talk about some new WordPress trends in 2019:

  • Minimalism- Constraining the amount of words by not yielding the level of idea, is what came in pattern in 2019. In case the website is arranged in right way, it will correctly show what the customers are looking for. Ways of achieving minimalism:
    • Use whitespace
    • Use bright colours
    • Fancy fonts
    • Easy navigation
  • Organic Shapes- Time has gone when square, triangles, hovers used to look extravagant. Presently keeping it natural and organic is the thing that looks alluring. Visual fashioners are presently attempting to push the appearance of the site with broken matrices and unbalanced shapes. Overlapping images are likewise in pattern to maintain a strategic distance from dull look and make a novel format.
  • Responsive web design- responsive website is intended for the straightforward reason to adjust to the size of the client’s view port. These sites load rapidly without disfiguring anything, effectively changing in accordance with the size of the device. The benefits of responsive web design are:
    • Faster loading of web pages
    • Good amount of traffic
    • Lower bounce rate and higher conversion rates
    • Lower maintenance needs
    • Easier traffic monitoring
    • Better SEO
    • Excellent online browsing experience
  • Multipurpose theme- We buy a subject with the want to receive more in return. These multipurpose subjects causes you to make any style utilizing the catches that you need. The most astonishing component of multipurpose subject is that it very well may be modified by our needs and gives us adaptability and options in contrast to the customer to make a one of a kind and altered site.
  • Customized Images- With organic shapes, you can also customize your images as well according to the needs of the clients. Since 3-D animations, outlines, pictures are the most significant piece of a website as it makes it alluring as well as useful. A customized image will act as a messenger of a website, conveying what the website is all about.

Trends are something that keeps on changing. You cannot predict what would be in trend tomorrow. Something in pattern yesterday can be today’s trend. We can only assume and predict these WordPress trends. It’s really hard to give an accurate answer.

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