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(SMO) social media optimization services

A set of operations to optimize the site and its content so that users can conveniently share them on social networks.

Spreading your site's content through social media marketing and PPC services results in the website's SEO positions. It promotes the company or brand among Internet users. The distribution of your site's content through social media marketing helps increase the level of faith of the target customers in your business, brand, offered products and services.

It is crucial to regularly optimize the site for social media marketing in accordance with the constantly changing requirements and algorithms of various social networks. Actual market conditions require the mandatory effective presence of materials on your site in social networks.


Prices for work on SMO optimization of the site by SMO Company India are set individually. The price rate for these services depends on the current situation with SMO on the site and the ultimate goals and tasks of the customer.

  • SMO-AUDIT OF A SITE AND COMPETITORS: – Analysis of the situation with the SMO site at the moment and SMO-analysis of the main competitors, the identification of solid and weak SMO site sides.
  • SITE USABILITY ANALYSIS: – Optimizing the site for social networks in many assumes the convenience of using content and its distribution in social networks. The usability analysis makes it possible to identify the level of usability of the site and improve it.
  • OPTIMIZATION PLAN: – Development of SMO-site functionality – specialists of our web studio on SMO-promotion have to develop a specialized functionality. It allows you to quickly and comfortably repost the materials of your site on various social networks: Plugins, Widgets, RSS-subscription. Optimization of existing site content- analysis of existing content and making necessary adjustments: Adding visual design (images, photos, graphics, infographics, etc.)
  • DEVELOPING SMO CONTENT: – SMO services India involve creating content that motivates users to interact: Commenting, Reposting in various social networks.
  • FILLING THE SITE WITH SMO-OPTIMIZED CONTENT: – The transfer of content already optimized for social networks directly to the site while preserving the correct formatting and displaying visual materials.
  • TESTING: – The final stage of SMO-optimization, which identifies possible errors, typos, it is possible to adjust the content further, if necessary.

Why Choose Us for PPC?

We understand the vitality of social media marketing and function as the best SMO company India. We adhere to the following principles.

  • Efficiency
  • Web-studio full cycle Mega Web Design has developed a number of its effective methods for optimizing sites for social networks, which show high results and affect the final conversion of the site.

  • Increase in Sales
  • SMO directly affects the increase in sales by promoting your company or product on social networks: users are more likely to purchase goods or services from companies and brands that are "spoken" on social media.

  • Loyal Audience
  • Users tend to trust materials that other users distribute through social networks. Such materials are considered relevant and verified, forming loyalty to the audience's company, brand, or product.

  • Customized Solutions
  • Our web studio specializes in developing customized solutions for our SMO and PPC customers, which gives the highest possible and tangible results of optimization.

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