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Digital Marketing June 27, 2022


An eCommerce website designing is a difficult task to accomplish. There are hell lots of things that need to be considered while designing an eCommerce website. If you think like a website designer then you want things to be attractive and trendy but as a customer, if you ask, I want things to be convenient- easy shopping, easy payment gateway with options available and simple design. It is not one of that blogging website, where a user would visit, have a look at your website and read only if your website is attractive rather on an eCommerce portal, a visitor would only stay if things are simple and navigated.


  • A home page to draw attention – landing page is the first thing that a user comes across. So a homepage needs to be really convenient because the first impression is the last impression. It must be such that a visitor would want to navigate to other pages. Yes, of course, a homepage doesn’t make conversions but it is a path to get conversions.
  • Appropriate CTA buttons – CTA buttons are extremely important. It is one of the instant sources through which a visitor is in the process of getting converted. Placement of ‘Call to Action’ buttons is extremely important. Placing it in some corner with an almost negligible font size will be of no use. So, it is advisable to place it rightly with the right font.
  • Add real colors to showcase your brand – A customer would not buy something unless they are convinced about your brand. You should add colors that express your brand and don’t conflict. Add colors that are contrasting and not contradicting. Also, whitespace plays a great role here to skim the product.
  • The design must compliment your products – A consistent website looks more planned and gathers more customers. The reason being planned things tends to be more trustworthy and hence more impactful. Keeping your design complimenting with the products you are selling, completes the overall look of the website. A website designer needs to make sure that everything from the color of the website, to its images to the products, must define your website and distinguish it from the competitor’s website.
  • Shipping rates – Who would deny that low shipping rates initiate the customer more to make a purchase than high shipping rates. I mean it is a common tendency to overview the pros and cons of buying a product and shipping rate is one of the factors. High Shipping means that ‘I could have bought it from a normal shop so why would I pay this much extra? while low shipping cost means that I can pay some extra penny’s to get my item by staying at home.

An eCommerce website should be user-friendly to be successful.

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