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Digital Marketing September 21, 2023

Is a Custom Website Design Better Than A Template?

When it comes to establishing your online business presence, the style of your website is critical, and website designing services bags a vital spot. After all, this professionally designed series of web pages, created with your ideal customers in mind, is a critical component of your online marketing strategy!

But should you use website templates or go with custom website design? Custom website designing services offer you numerous benefits over just a basic template. In this blog, we will discover why a custom website designing services India outshines a template and some basics about custom website design.

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1. Steps To Build Custom Designed Website

Building a site using custom website designing services in India consists of five basic steps. Of course, each web designer has their preferred processes for creating a custom-made website. Still, the actions outlined below can be applied to almost any business, from a custom E-commerce site to a standalone content-only landing page.

1.1 Determine Your Objectives

Before you even think about coding, you should evaluate your objectives. What do you hope to achieve with your website? Take a step back and examine your technical and commercial requirements. Because it is completely customizable, you can add or remove almost any feature you want!

If you work with a web design company India like Mega Web Design, our experienced designers will create a website design from scratch for you. Alternatively, if you have the skills, you can customise your web design yourself (unless you’re a professional web designer, we recommend the former!).

1.2 Establishing a Framework

Begin by sketching out the framework of your website. This step should include specific site functions, how they will work, and a result profile. Again, we can handle this part if you’d rather leave it to the professional website designing company India!

1.3 Design and Construction

This is a significant milestone because it marks the start of coding. Your website development team will begin tying together your website’s design and functional aspects into one stand-out site!

1.4 Evaluation

When a website is nearly finished, it should go through several stages of testing to check for errors, bugs, and performance issues. This is where you need to hire a reliable website development company in India.

1.5 Ready To Go Live

Your site is now ready to go live, with all of the knots ironed out. Keep an eye on its performance in the beginning, to ensure it runs smoothly! Custom-built sites may require more support than template-based sites, so keep an eye on your masterpiece.

2. 6 Reasons State Why A Custom Website Design Is Better Than A Template?

Every client expects the companies with which they do business to have a website. One decision to make when working on your online presence is the website design. In many cases, the choice is between a premade template or going for a custom website design.

A premade template is a finished theme sold to multiple businesses at a lower cost. Custom website designs are unique to your business, and you work with the designers to create the final product. Here are six ways they outperform a premade theme in terms of value.

2.1 Designed To Your Specifications

A website designing company India can create designs based on your specific requirements. If you use a premade theme, you must work within the constraints imposed by the template. The custom design incorporates industry best practices, key features used by the most competitive companies in your market segment, and quality coding.

2.2 Contributes To Your Current and Future Business Objectives

When your website’s entire design revolves around your current and future business goals, it does a better job of supporting them. If you want to focus on growth and reach your business goal, for example, you would include elements designed to increase traffic to your website, build an email list, and develop a loyal following or assign the job to a leading website designing company India.

2.3 Exclusive To Your Website

You wouldn’t utilize the same brand identity as another company, so why would you use a site design that anyone could implement? Customers may be confused if a competitor uses an identical or a similar template. A custom design is exclusively used on your website, allowing you to reinforce your unique brand.

2.4 Built To Scale

Many premade templates lack the foundation for your business to grow. You want to avoid going through a full website redesign while your company is experiencing rapid growth. Custom web designs are coded to handle increased traffic as your company grows. Experienced website designing company India will also use best practices to aid search engine optimisation and user experience. You only have one chance to persuade a new visitor to your site before they click away to a competitor, so ensure it’s working properly.

Handy Tip: If constant growth is one of your top priorities, a custom website design is important for a website that can help you achieve it (GDD). GDD methodology promotes frequent website updates based on user experience data and metrics. A template may restrict your ability to make custom changes based on user data.

2.5 Ongoing Assistance

There is little after-sales support for premade themes. In many cases, the designers who provide these templates are concerned with volume. You won’t be able to rely on their assistance if your company’s website fails to deploy correctly or has design flaws. You cannot take that risk when your company’s reputation depends on a solid web presence. Custom designers offer ongoing assistance to meet your changing needs. Feature additions, security enhancements, and other updates keep your website current.

2.6 Quality Control

Premade themes are not tested on your company’s or web host’s equipment. They may work perfectly for the designer’s setup, but you may encounter difficult-to-resolve issues. A website development company India can create and test the website in your workplace to identify potential issues. They can also communicate directly with your IT team or web host to resolve these issues before you launch the website.

Custom web designs require a larger initial investment, but the benefits you receive far outweigh the costs.

3. Mega Web Design: Your Ideal Partner For Website Design and Development Offerings

Mega Web Design is the best when it comes to offering website designing services India that you can be proud of. Custom website design offers several benefits over templates; we understand the distinction. Therefore we can help you any day with effective web designs. With years of experience, we are capable of producing just what you need. Therefore Mega Web Design would be your smart choice when opting for quality website design. So we are your one-stop-shop when it comes to website design. 

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