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Digital Marketing May 4, 2023

SEO vs PPC: Which One Should You Choose For Your Business

A business survives on the volume of traffic generated, forming one of the most crucial factors in keeping the business alive. A business’s prosperity depends on how much traffic its page generates. However, the topic that gives rise to much debate is SEO vs PPC, two of the most impactful traffic-generating sources. 

People hire PPC services in India with the same goal as when they hire SEO services. But a few factors differentiate them, which is why debate takes place. Both of the approaches are powerful in their ways. Still, one is more effective in a particular situation. Using the other might bring difficulty generating traffic in the same scenario. To apply either of the methods, marketers must be aware of their strengths and restrictions so that they can be put to use for maximizing benefits.

Table of Contents

1. When Should You Go For SEO?

With 80% of the website traffic generated from search engines, SEO services are crucial for an organisation’s marketing strategy. Utilising many techniques, SEO services make your website rank on the first page of major search engines. Google, being the biggest Search Engine, with 3.5 billion plus searches per day, gets targeted by most SEO campaigns. Below are certain circumstances where SEO techniques win over PPC.

1.1 When You Desire Consistent Results

Getting your website among the first three SERPs results cannot happen overnight or within a week. Although once your website gets there, it will continue to enjoy sustained traffic. Moreover, if you work on further improvements, you can reap benefits in the long term.

1.2 If Authority Website Needs To Be Built

An authority website is the “go to” website or an established resource center for a niche audience. A smoothly running authority site usually generates traffic by URL recall only. Authority websites are established by generating traffic, eventually building a reputation until they become renowned enough to dominate the industry. Only smart SEO and impactful content can achieve this.

1.3 When You Wish To Increase Brand Awareness

People often search for information online. Even when they want to buy something, they first look for reviews and guides. To take advantage of this, you must write content matching their expectations to rank. Over time, this can make people remember your brand.

2. When Should You Go For PPC?

Pay Per Click marketing is a way to advertise on search engine results pages. Basically, you offer to show your ads in sponsored results when someone enters a query that contains your keywords.

Why is it called “Pay Per Click”? Because you have to pay for every user who clicks on the ad you are promoting.

So what are certain scenarios where PPC works better than Seo? Let’s find out.

2.1 When Quick Results Are Desired

PPC delivers results quickly. Very fast! You can count the minutes until visitors arrive at your pages. This is because the moment your PPC campaign is approved (provided your bids are high enough to earn priority placement), your ads are immediately visible to millions of people.

2.2 When You Are Looking For Highly Targeted Traffic

Unlike SEO, PPC marketing allows you to narrow your prospects based on their demographics. Many PPC platforms, like social media, allow you to advertise based on the age, gender, income level, education level, and even interests of the people who see your ad. They make PPC an effective way to reach niche people for your business needs and direct them to your website.

2.3 If You Want to Dominate Search Results

PPC results appear above organic search results. This prominent position means that, in many cases, up to half of the search traffic goes to the top three sponsored links. By opting out of PPC, you lose all clicks to your competitors.

3. Final Say

Most people start with PPC because it brings immediate results. They miss out on SEO because they don’t start it immediately. Delaying it will only make it more difficult to rank. On the other hand, small businesses and SEO enthusiasts can also miss out on a lot if they never take advantage of PPC. PPC services in India can be a huge opportunity to sell your products. Therefore, if you are confused about which approach to use, Mega Web Design can clarify. We recommend that you consider certain factors, such as the desired time for results, whether you are looking for long-term or short-term results, your business size, etc., before arriving at a decision. 

Different circumstances decide whether you should go with the approach of PPC services or Seo Services India. When you are crystal clear regarding your marketing goals, capabilities, strengths, and limitations of either approach, you can arrive at a wise decision. You can also consult Mega Web Design to choose the best strategy for your marketing goals. With years of experience with global clientele, we can pick the best marketing approach for you.

Entrust your marketing responsibilities to us. Mega Web Design will be your most reliable partner, whether offering Seo Services or PPC services in India.

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