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Digital Marketing June 29, 2023


Getting huge amounts of traffic to your site is constantly something to be thankful for, and something we as a whole ache for our organizations and online journals. In any case, if the traffic doesn’t change over to something, for example, a deal, an eBook download, or an information exchange to your email list, at that point there truly is no point. There are a few exemptions to this standard, for example, maybe a news website conversion rate producing income from AdSense or a business explicitly attempting to create buzz around their image. Yet, 99% of the time, you need your traffic to convert over; else, it is pointless and a waste of physical and mental effort.


  • Use Effective Headlines- A headline is the very first thing that a visitor checks. If you have an effective headline, that means there are more chances for visitors to stay on your website. A headline is basically the means of wrapping the entire content into one bold sentence for the visitors to know in short what the content is all about.
  • Strategic ‘Call to Action’ Buttons- Proper and strategic Call to Action buttons are critical to expanding conversation rates. It offers a platform for visitors to quickly make a move with a specific goal in mind. There are numerous sorts of CTA’s. Pick your CTA’s deliberately and that fit your business. This will build your conversion rate. So where should you put CTA’s? Well, according to research from Google, the most viewable position is right above the fold, not at the top of the page.
  • Pop-ups- Well, pop-ups are not always annoying. It can be very useful in engaging visitors and assisting them in social awareness, subscriber acquisition, promote discounts and upcoming offers. The right time of showing pop-ups is very important for it to be effective else, it will only increase the bounce rate. For instance, if a pop-up seems only once for every guest through cookies, it is significantly more liable to yield better outcomes.
  • Page Load speed- It’s a fact that users don’t like to wait. They will hate it if your website is taking too much time to load. They will switch to your competitor’s website. Page load speed plays a great role in retaining customers and engaging more customers. Also think that if there is no traffic on your website, there would be no possibility of conversion.
  • Easy Navigation- Easy and Simple navigation is the key factor for conversions. Simple and easy navigation helps the user to comfortably go through all the information present. Although you may not realize it, the immediate traffic you get to your landing page isn’t the main traffic you should be looking for. Despite what might be expected, the less complex your site navigation is, the likelier it will be for visitors all around your website to lead back to your landing page or Call to Action buttons.

These are some simple tips that need to keep in mind to optimize conversion rates.

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