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Digital Marketing August 10, 2023


What if I say that you have to speak than to write? Obviously, you will prefer voice search over the traditional method of typing for the very basic reason that is easy and what is easy is given importance over everything else.

Voice search is one of the best development in the world of digital marketing. The adoption of voice search allows you to speak instead of typing which makes it convenient to use applications for all age groups. The rapidly rising adoption of voice assistants, not just in India but across the world has made a significant impact on SEO. It is approximately 20% of the mobile searches is been done using voice searches while it is estimated that more than 50% of the searches would be voice searches by the end of 2023.

Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google home are among those which are already being used by tons and millions of people all around the world.

The basic purpose of this post is to make you all understand how voice search trends will lead to a change in marketing and SEO.

With website development, you cannot guarantee online presence. Website designing services India is just one step towards digital marketing. Getting your website in top 5 is what required to get online traffic. This can be done through SEO. Therefore, it becomes very important to understand the impact of upcoming trends on SEO.

Every change in the digital world has a direct impact on Search Engine Optimization. This is because Google changes its algorithms according to changing trends. One needs to understand that there is always a difference between what is spoken and what is written. Spoken words are more casual while typed searches are more accurate. For example, while speaking we tend to use more words and longer sentences than we type. These are ‘long-tail’ keywords. So now, one should optimize to incorporate more long-tail keywords.


  • People tend to use their local language for voice searches, therefore, local language must be used to respond to specific questions.
  • Answers and responses to the inquiries and queries must be adjusted in such a way that it is understood by search engines. This can be done using Rich snippets and Schema markups.
  • Ensure that only relevant content is provided on the website. All outdated and irrelevant content must be eliminated.
  • Most of the voice searches are local searches so don’t make a mistake by avoiding “Google-my business listing”. If sources are to be believed, the ‘near-me’ business has increased at a greater rate over the past few years.

The trend of voice search is never-ending. It will only increase with the increase in technology. Optimizing voice searches will lead your website to a higher rank.

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